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"A Healthy body is a home for a healthy soul"

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Thank you for choosing Carrie's Essentials as your wellness partner!




The ways to take advantage of the benefits of CBD are endless. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our wellness partners with exciting new and effective THC-free products. We’re continuously working with our partners to improve our formulas to ensure we only use the best available ingredients.


Take advantage of our current offerings and keep an eye out for what’s coming soon.

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"We contemplated using CBD. We were a bit hesitant because of all the different brands, I mean who wants to randomly purchase CBD from a gas station? With Carrie's Essentials you can scan the QR Code and learn everything you need to know about the CBD that was sourced for the product you purchased. We found a reliable source in Carrie's Essentials and are pleased not only with the quality and results but the fact that we are able to support our sister in business who continually educates us on the ABC's of CBD."  - Move With Mack

Brand Philosophy

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Carrie Cares

Hello, I am Sharise L. Erby Co-Founder and Chief Operations  Officer

for Carrie's Essentials. Welcome to our wellness community!

Carrie's Essentials is a family owned CBD Wellness Company and

we believe "a healthy body is a home for a healthy soul."

Carrie's Essentials endeavors to be an illuminating beacon of

light inspiring, empowering, and supporting you as you take control

of your wellness and the lifestyle you desire to live. Our pledge

is to present you with a premium alternative health choice.


We know many of you have had poor experiences or flat out - "just a hard time" finding a quality effective

CBD product that you can trust--that is why we entered the marketplace.


Carrie's Essentials is your solution, we are your wellness partner. Because we care, we are more than a

CBD company, we are committed to your wellness. Our commitment includes our premium CBD Products

but also includes over 20 years of Medicaid & Medicare Prescription Drug Program oversight experience,

access to our community medical partners, our community home health care partner, our monthly

wellness webinars, our one-on-one customer service, and our website filled with CBD and wellness



Carrie's Essentials is committed, NOW the question is, are YOU ready to commit to a healthier YOU in 2021?

If you answered YES, you are on the right site, at the right time, with the right company, because we are

committed to being your wellness are not alone.


let's do this together.

New Year a Healthier You!

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CBD Basics

New to CBD?

 As your wellness partner We are here to give you a complete overview of what to look for in a CBD product.


Need Help?

We know CBD is a growing alternative with a great number of benefits, if you are hesitant or unsure how to take CBD or dosages and  need to discuss your options - we are here!

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