7 Essentials to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Your dog is the most loyal friend in your life. They always listen to your complaints, never judge you for bad decisions, and have the best snuggles. So, you should give your dog the care they deserve. Here are seven health tips for dogs that your furbaby will appreciate!

Provide Nutritious Food

Many of us are guilty of filling empty dog bowls with generous pours of kibble multiple times a day. Don’t overfeed your furry friend! Make sure you are giving portion sizes that are adequate for your dog’s size and age.


Also, try to buy organic and natural food when possible. Much like humans, dogs can be sensitive to wheat, dairy, or corn. If you can, try making your own dog food at home using a mixture of whole-grain rice, sweet potatoes, and ground turkey. 

Ensure Adequate Water Consumption

According to the Humane Society, a dog should consume between ½ and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.

Anytime you believe your dog is dehydrated, pull back their neck skin. If the skin reverts back to place immediately, they’ve had adequate water. If it stays or slowly reverts back, make sure you encourage your dog to drink.

Dogs can also consume too much water, especially if they get anxious. Excess water intake can cause several physical issues, including death. So, be sure to monitor your dog’s water intake, and be okay with an empty bowl sometimes.  

Visit the Vet Regularly

Dogs can’t communicate with us efficiently that they’re feeling under the weather. They rely on our intuition and annual checkups.


Sometimes our intuition fails us, so the other is necessary for a balanced and healthy life. Stay regular with vet checkups!

Get Plenty of Exercise


Dogs aren’t designed to be sedentary all day. They’re active and curious creatures who need enrichment and exercise. Outdoor time allows them to socialize, expose themselves to other scents, and get a workout in. 

Be sure to take your dog on daily walks. Throw around a Frisbee. Have them chase a ball at the beach. Go on a hike. Spend quality time with your dog outdoors; you both need it!

Provide Consistent Dental Care


Dogs rely on their teeth to eat meat. They also might depend on their teeth for protection from an attack or intruder. Therefore, taking care of your pet’s teeth is an investment in their health.

Many dental chew toys help strengthen their enamel and clear tartar off their teeth. Additionally,  just like humans, dogs should be having their teeth brushed twice a day. It’ll actually become a part of their routine and something they look forward to!

Grooming Essentials


Hair shedding all over the house is a nightmare for pet owners. So, be proactive and groom them before it becomes a problem. You’ll be doing your dog a favor, too.


Your dog might eat tufts of hair, causing them to get hairballs. Eventually, this can backup the system. Also, grooming gives you a chance to check for ticks that might cause life-threatening issues.


Additionally, stay on top of their toenails. When toenails get too long, it can throw off their balance. Plus, it can be painful for the doggie’s paws. 

Use CBD Products


The running theme is here that dogs are a lot like us. They also have an endocannabinoid system. Therefore, anxious pups and older dogs alike can experience the benefits of CBD.

Carrie's Essentials has a line of CBD pet products made with all-natural ingredients. Carrie's Essentials CBD Dog Treats have a delicious bacon flavor and a precise serving of broad spectrum phytocannabinoids that will have your dog acting like a pup again.

  Carrie's Essentials' CBD Oil Tinctures for Pets allows you to customize your dog’s care. It's simple formula blends well with any wet food. However, dogs will just lap it right up from the dropper!


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