What is the Most Effective Form of CBD?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

CBD is a natural substance used in different products that have a strong feeling of relaxation and calm. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC that is the fundamental active ingredient in marijuana.

Keep in mind, CBD is not part of the narcotics family but has some similarities with THC.

Usually, it is beneficial for our health because it relieves your body and mind by activating your cannabinoid receptors. Additionally, it has some anti-inflammatory properties that are highly appreciated by the vapor, and according to one study, its regulatory effect on our immune system. Does CBD work? What is the most effective form? Let us evaluate:

1. CBD gummies:

The most widespread use of cannabidiol remains oral ingestion. Meanwhile, in the market, you may find the best CBD gummies that contain CBD oil right here at Carrie’s Essentials. The advantage of taking gummies is convenient, easy, and discreet. The gummies format appeals to those looking for a neutral, tasteless, and odorless product.

It is the most comfortable mode of administration if you are new to CBD. On the other hand, the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects will take a little longer to manifest since the cannabinoids must reach your digestive system effectively. You can also use CBD gummies for pain.

Carrie’s Essentials #2 top-selling product is our Strawberry Lemonade Gummy followed by our Green Apple, stay tuned as we are coming to the market with a new sleep gummy to aid in the rest portion of your wellness plan.

2. Cannabis flower:

The CBD cannabis flower is similar in every way to the buds of high THC marijuana flower, but it does not contain any psychoactive substances. However, it is not recommended to smoke it. To consume CBD flowers healthily, you still have the option of inhaling them through a quality vaporizer provided for this purpose. Its consumption is suitable for a specific audience: cannabis users who want to reduce their addiction or replace the content of their joint in favor of a more beneficial product.

The other option for consuming CBD flower is an infusion. To make a CBD herbal tea, you have to crush them with a grinder and use them as a tea. To optimize the dissolution of cannabinoids in water and thus, benefit from all the benefits of therapeutic hemp, do not forget to add fat in your preparation. You can use vegetable oil, butter, milk, or cream. The example of herbal tea is more common, but you can very well incorporate your crumbled CBD flowers in all your recipes.

3. CBD Cream:

Along with the CBD flower, you will indeed find CBD cream. A 2016 study on rat models of arthritis notes that applying topical CBD reduced pain and inflammation. A 2020 randomized controlled trial suggests that topical CBD may provide pain relief for people with peripheral neuropathy.

Researchers found that CBD can significantly reduce intense pain, sharp pain, itchy sensations, and cold. Other research also suggests that topical CBD may be useful for treating joint and muscle pain associated with other conditions, such as migraines. Carrie’s Essentials CBD Sports Cream is an excellent topical cream and is our #1 Best Seller.

Topical CBD may also benefit certain skin disorders. A 2019 study suggests that CBD ointment is a safe and effective treatment for those with inflammatory skin conditions. The American Academy of Dermatology also notes that topical CBD may be a useful treatment for acne, psoriasis, and eczema due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Again, at Carrie’s Essentials, we have you covered with our Premium CBD Cream, which is a fantastic moisturizing cream that can be used daily, and our handcrafted CBD Lavender Bourbon Massage/Body Oil for all overuse and especially that coveted relaxation time on the massage table.

4. Vaporize the CBD in the form of e-liquid:

The electronic cigarette comes in a wide range of varieties, and nowadays, it also allows you to consume CBD. Indeed, after the softgel capsules, the next expedient mode of CBD consumption is e-liquid vaporization of CBD. New in January, Carrie’s Essentials is introducing our Full-Spectrum Distillate Vape.

5. Consumption of CBD oil

CBD oils are convenient since they can be used in different ways. First, have a survey about the cannabidiol oil in many cosmetic products. CBD oil for pain provides a gentle relief because of the plant's active ingredients through the epidermis.

You can also take CBD oil orally by dropping it under your tongue or placing a few drops into your favorite dish or drinks before ingesting them. GREAT NEWS, new to Carrie’s Essentials product line is our Certified USDA Organic Mint Tinctures in new higher strengths, 900mg, and 1350mg.

The effects can easily last for several hours, and you can buy CBD oil online at Carrie’s Essentials without any harmful effects.

Other cannabidiol products

  • CBD foods: these are chocolate, candies, or even drinks containing a certain level of cannabidiol.

  • CBD crystals: they look like sugar and dilute in water or e-liquid;

  • CBD cosmetics: the idea is to apply a CBD cream to nourish the skin and take advantage of the relaxing effect to achieve joint or muscle relaxation.

Note that regardless of the level of CBD used, the essential ingredients of products rich in CBD must not have a THC level greater than 0.03%. So, take the time to consult with a specialist at Carrie’s Essentials before buying your CBD products. Want to buy CBD oil online?

Visit Carrie’s Essentials that is a USA-based, family-owned premium CBD company.

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