Widowed Entrepreneur Joins Her Family to Launch a Line of CBD Products

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sharise Erby and her family — Carlos Tolliver, Jamond & Turquoise Erby-Bell, and Josiah Erby — are excited to have launched their new online CBD company, Carrie’s Essentials. This family-owned company will be headquartered in the heart of South Phoenix. Carrie’s Essentials is here to become the wellness & lifestyle partner for minorities along their journey to good health.

Carrie’s Essential came to fruition when Sharise realized the lack of knowledge and medical information that many African Americans have when it comes to CBD. As co-founder of the business, Sharise found herself as one of the many when she first learned that CBD could have possibly prevented the passing of her husband, Michael Castle, last November. Michael, a U.S. Veteran, suffered from renal failure, heart disease, high blood pressure, and bouts of depression. On top of that, he lost his medical insurance right in the middle of his fight to live. “In hindsight, incorporating CBD into his health regime early on could have been a game-changer and I would not be a widow,” states Sharise. “And this is something that I do not want anyone else to experience due to lack of knowledge or information.”

That is why education is important to Carrie’s Essentials. Not only will they be selling CBD products but they are committed to offering monthly virtual classes featuring medical experts to discuss CBD and its uses. They want people to understand that CBD is legal in all 50 states and should not be confused with medical marijuana. Carrie’s Essentials CBD products are broad-spectrum, which means they contain zero THC.

Carrie’s Essentials understands there are numerous CBD choices and some of those choices are ineffective for a variety of reasons. The organic hemp they use is grown in the U.S. and products are 3rd party tested and vegan friendly. Sharise states that they are committed to bringing a premium product that is affordable to the community. “Our skincare line was created with melanated skin as a priority, which includes our CBD beard oil, massage/body oil, charcoal bath soap, creams, salves, and our deodorant,” she says.

Because Carrie’s Essentials is family-owned, you can expect the same love, concern, and attention that Erby-Tollivers’s family gives to each other will extend to their customers.

To purchase high-quality, THC-free CBD products from Carrie's Essentials, visit our online store or call us at (844) 762-2774.

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